Is he The Messiah we have been waiting for… the next hero! Can he deliver?

Great day for Pakistan! He has finally spoken of Character… Hope he is serious!
It was heartening although very surprising. The Prime Minister has finally spoken of character today. He said something the whole nation has been waiting since the new guys took up office to run the country. He spoke of people having character. He said public memory is not short as generally promoted but people do remember if there is a scandal or if a reputation is tainted.

If Mr. Geelani sets the pace of character in public office he will be a hero for Pakistan we have all been waiting for since the Qaed e Azam – the first and the last hero of Pakistan. Mr. Geelani would be only the second hero. The nation does not give hero status to Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan, Z.A.Bhutto, Zia Ul Haque, Benazir, Nawaz Sharif, Musharraf and Asif Zardari. The military men are discounted for being dictators and the politicians for their mismanagement and corruption allegations.

Will Mr. Geelani campaign for zero tolerance for corruption and lawlessness and 100% tolerance for religious differences? Unfortunately presently the reverse is true. There is 100% tolerance to corruption and lawlessness and zero tolerance to religious differences. Efficiency like inefficiency percolates from the top similarly if there is no corruption at the top you can hope to have lesser and lesser corruption at lower levels.

Now that The Prime Minister is setting the pace can we hope that our children will usher in an era where there is fairplay with justice, zero lawlessness and zero corruption. Can we expect that there will be no favouritism and people get opportunities based on merit. Can we hope that our natural resources are shared by most citizen not just a few, that there is more equitable distribution of national wealth. Will he say bye bye to regionalism, nepotism and favouritism?

Once this happens see how Pakistan develops. It will be the choicest destination of every one in the world. People will invest massively, industries will flourish and tourism will bring in foreign exchange which we can use not for importing consumer goods but technology that will make consumer goods, export and provide more and more employment all over Pakistan. I hope somehow my message reaches the Prime Minister and he is steadfast in what he said. Amen.


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